Michaela Lumetzberge – Apprentice


Michaela Lumetzberge – Apprentice

Michaela Lumetzberge- Level 1 Apprentice

My name is Michaela Lumetzberger and I’ve already been affected by the “horse-virus” in my early childhood. At the age of about 6 years, I started riding with traditional English riding lessons, but changed to western lessons quickly. Some years later a friend of mine started to breed and train Missouri Foxtrotters and I was lucky to spend my whole spare time at her place. That’s when I learned a lot about horse breeding, horse training and starting young horses under saddle. In those 15 years that I spent at my friend’s barn I fell in love with the Missouri Foxtrotters, and so I now own three of them. In addition to all the things I learned during that time, I’ve been a certified therapist for acupuncture massage on horses since 2012.

In 2011 I came across Extreme Mountain Trail on the internet for the first time and was amazed by this discipline. I attended my first Extreme Trail clinic in 2012 and had the great chance to spend a month at Bolender Horse Park to get lessons from Mark Bolender and learn a lot about Extreme Mountain Trail in 2013.

I’m happy and thankful to be one of Mark’s students and love to see the discipline of ExtremeMountain Trail grow all over the world! Mark and Lee, thanks for everything!