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Silver Creek, WA

Mark Bolender

About Us

Mark and Lee Bolender, founders of the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA), are prominent clinicians and ambassadors of Mountain Trail, traveling worldwide to share their expertise and passion for the sport They offer a fun and challenging mountain trail experience that encourages riders to push their limits and develop their skills

Craterview Horse Park, formerly known as Bolender Horse Park, is a renowned Mountain Trail course considered the finest in the world. Mark Bolender, a master course designer, has used this model to create mountain trail parks throughout North America and abroad. Now, Mark and Lee are based at Craterview Horse Park in Silver Creek, Washington, where they offer clinics, lessons, and mountain trail challenges for equestrians.

Lee Bolender

The Faces Of Mountain Trail

Mark Bolender and his wife Lee are a dynamic duo in the horse training industry, renowned for their innovative approach and remarkable results. Their unique style and particular insight into horse training create astonishing results – often described as breathtaking. This is why Mark and the Mark Bolender™ brand have become synonymous with the new and exciting equine disciplines of Mountain Trail and Trail Challenge. Mark is a National Champion and one of the most popular and sought-after trainers and clinicians in the country. To date, Mark’s accomplishments have made him THE recognized face of Mountain Trail.


    Mark & Lee Bolender

    360 Huntting Road
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