Checkers and Bolender waiting to take pictures.
Ellowyn Steele, The News & Advance

Checkers, three-time national champion Breyer Horse, came all the way from Washington state to visit Coyote Crossing Equestrian Center in Bedford on Tuesday.

Checkers was the National Mountain Trail Champion from 2008-2010. In 2020, Checkers joined the Breyer Horse Collection, a group of esteemed model horses from Triple Crown winners to Olympians.

Bolender and Checkers on the splash block.
Ellowyn Steele

Trainer and owner Mark Bolender, founder of the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association, led Checkers through a mountain trail obstacle course that Bolender designed and Coyote Cross built in 2018. Horse lovers and families watched as Bolender guided Checkers without a bridle and expertly navigated through logs, swinging bridges and a pond.

Bolender and Checkers have traveled to Europe, Australia, Canada and across America to preform demonstrations. Their most recent stop was at BreyerFest at Kentucky Horse Park. The event at Coyote Crossing ended with lots of smiles as Checkers and Bolender posed for pictures and signed autographs.

Bolender guides Checkers around boulders in the pond.
Ellowyn Steele, The News & Advance