April 9, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Bolender Horse Park
131 Craterview Drive
Silver Creek
WA 98585
Lee Bolender

New for 2022 at Bolender Horse Park!
April 9, May 21, July 30, August 12, September 17, October 15

Highest score and attendance at 4 of the 6 Gambler series dates required to qualify for the year end Buckle

Choose your path, add up the points!

Adult Levels 1, 2 and 3 In-hand and/or ride. Youth Level 1 & 2 only In-hand and/or ride
Make as many runs as you like at each date, $20 per run
No ribbons, winner of each level gets 25% of entry of level won each competition date
Results and standings will be posted on BHP website Events/Challenges page after each competiton
Example: 5 runs in Level 2, the winner of Level 2 gets $25
8 runs in Level 3, the winner of Level 3 gets $40
3 runs in Level 1, the winner of Level 1 gets $15
Best score of each challenge day of each Level goes towards Gambler Champion
Best 3 scores, 1 best each challenge day per level, of the series goes towards Buckle
4 Buckles will be presented at the BHP year end awards banquet. 1 for each level + Youth
A map of park with obstacle points will be provided in advance so you can plan your route

Always cross obstacle at a walk, with the exception of a trot or cantalope through water obstacle
Each obstacle can be used twice but not twice in a row
Any step off an obstacle results as no score for that obstacle
Level 1 – No 360 turns. Obstacles with turns will be 20 points each for this level
2 minute time limit per run. If you do not make it to the finish line before your time is up the last obstacle will not count. You need to demonstrate you are at least trying to get to the finish line.
Level 1 walk only – break of gate automatic disqualification
Level 2 walk/trot – break of gate automatic disqualification
Level 3 any pace
In-hand and ride compete together, handler/rider may choose
Enter as many times as you want, $20 per run

Daily payout of 25% of entry per level to winner of each level
4 Buckles will be awarded at Bolender Horse Park Awards Banquet
1 each for: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Youth

(must attend banquet to receive year end Buckle)