March 12, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Bolender Horse Park
131 Craterview Drive
Silver Creek
WA 98585
Lee Bolender

Join us for this fun new series, win money at each event.
March 12 start time 1pm, April 23 & 24 start times 10am, June 25 start time 1pm
August 6 start time 1pm, September 18 start time 10 am

Highest score and attendance at 4 of the 6 Team/Timed series dates required to qualify for the year end Jackpot

Teams of 2 horse/Riders participate in a judged/timed relay run.
Adult Levels 1, 2 and 3 In-hand and/or ride. Youth Level 1& 2 only In-hand and/or ride
If a team has a youth paired with an adult the team will be considered an adult team
Make as many runs as you like at each date, $20 per run/per person = $40 per Team
No ribbons, winner of each level gets 25% of entry of level won each competition date

Example: 5 Team runs in Level 2, the winner of Level 2 gets $25 for each rider of the winning team
8 Team runs in Level 3, the winner of Level 3 gets $40 for each rider of the winning team
3 Team runs in Level 1, the winner of Level 1 gets $15 for each rider of the winning team

Results and standings will be posted on BHP website Events/Challenges page after each competition
Best score of each challenge day of each Level goes towards Team Champion
Best 3 scores, 1 best each challenge day per level, of the series goes towards the $400 Jackpot
Jackpot will be awarded at the BHP year end awards banquet.

(must attend banquet to receive year end Jackpot payout)