The love of horses and horsemanship is deep and enduring. There’s nothing like saddling up to your favorite horse and hitting the trails with family and friends. And a well-trained horse makes all the difference in the world.
But as everyone knows, there’s a lot of work that goes into training and exercising a horse. Much of it takes plain old-fashioned manual work. Of course, this takes a toll on your hands and wrists. Even people who ride for long periods of time know that wrist and hand pain from horse riding is a real problem.

About carpal tunnel syndrome

It’s no wonder that carpal tunnel syndrome runs high in the equine community. In fact, horse training is recognized by the National Institutes of Health as an occupation at high risk for developing carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that develops deep inside your wrist joint. Fluid accumulates inside the joint until it pushes on the main nerve within. That pushing irritates the nerve. It’s what causes all of the symptoms like pain, numbness and tingling in your hand and fingers. Usually your thumb is more affected. In its most severe form, carpal tunnel symptoms last all day and night. It makes grasping things very difficult. Even picking up small objects like coins, or buttoning a shirt, or tying shoelaces is almost impossible.

Old school treatment

The traditional treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome has been hand surgery to de-compress the nerve. But with its risks and failure rate, this old school treatment is fading fast. Instead newer, non-invasive remedies have grown in popularity. They don’t need surgery and in most cases work better than surgery. Chief among them is “myofascial release massage.”

New school treatment

Myofascial release massage is a proven alternative to carpal surgery. A therapist pushes their fingers into your wrist and forearm. Then the therapist moves their fingers back and forth in a circular, kneading fashion. Doing this breaks up adhesions between your tendons. That’s causing the fluid build-up to begin with. But the kneading motion also drains excess fluid away from the wrist joint. You need this treatment twice a day, and for about a month to get rid of the most severe symptoms.

A new device does the same thing automatically using a patented technology. It’s called the Carpal Rx. The Carpal Rx is an automated myofascial release massager. It does the same thing a therapist’s fingers do for carpal tunnel syndrome. But instead of visiting a therapist, you use the Carpal Rx at home, and for as long as you need it.
After over a decade of use in thousands of patients, the Carpal Rx has proven to be the new “go to” therapy to cure symptoms. In fact, 97% of patients scheduled for surgery are able to cancel it.
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