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Meet Indie-

This grade mare is a coming 4 year-old, standing 14.0 HH. She is a classy paint pattern with slight roaning. The conformation and mind are all there. She is a cute mover and would excel in many disciplines. She is currently barefoot and is so low maintenance and easy to keep.

Started here at Bolender Horse Park with Mark Bolender, Indie has finished her first 90 days. From the very beginning of her training, this mare has remained extremely willing and quiet. The first ride was easy and uncomplicated. Since then, she has progressed in her training to walk, trot, canter in/out of the arena as well as out on the trail.

Point her at any obstacle and she will complete it in an easy, willing, agreeable manner. She has excelled at the water boxes, balance beams, bridges, teeter totters, as well as the other obstacles at Bolender Horse Park.

Furthermore, Indie stands well for the farrier, loads/unloads, blankets, and is generally easy to work around. Runs to the gate when you call her and is very easy to handle.

For price and more information contact Lee Bolender 360-269-6156.
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