Judge – Jean Chaney

Jean Chaney

Clinician and equestrian, Jean Chaney has been intimately involved with horses for 41 years. She has been involved in 4-H, English, Western, Dressage, jumping, trail riding and competitive mountain trail. She has owned more than 20 horses; started more than 50 horses and taught hundreds of people the art of horsemanship. She trained with such masters as Pat Parelli, Linda Parelli. Larry Stewart, Sylvia Zerbinini, Joann Mendl Shaw, Karen Rohlf, Eitan Beth Halachmy, Phillipe Cark, Bertrand Ravoux, Melanie Bulmahn, David Lichman and Mark Bolender,

She attained Parelli Level 4 certification in 2010, and earned a second degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate in 2004. She is a lawyer by training and works for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 10, as the Recovery Branch Deputy Director.

For the last ten years, Jean has dedicated herself to studying horse psychology and have been rewarded with innumerable discoveries. At this point, she is now searching for a better understanding of physiology and body mechanics of both horse and human, so that I can develop a horse’s physical and mental abilities to their fullest potential.

She has given clinics at various locations, from private properties, to commercial stables, to public riding arenas and trails. I have given clinics with topics on horsemanship, horse psychology, problem behaviors, colt starting, bareback riding, bridleless riding, liberty work, ground work, jumping, trail riding safety, spookiness issues, as well as leadership for non-horsemen (using the horse as a stand-in for other people).