Judge – Lisa Thonney

Lisa Thonney

Lisa Thonney has been a horse trainer as well as a 4-H and open judge for more than 40 years in the Pacific Northwest. She attended the PNW Judge’s training hosted by Oregon State University in 1994, 1999, 2004, 2006 and 2012. She became one of the first mule judges in Washington State. Several of Lisa’s students have competed at regional and national levels, winning top honors in Western and English riding disciplines.

Lisa has been the resident horse trainer and lesson giver at Royal Stewart Indoor Arena in Walla Walla for the last ten years. During this time she spent 3 years designing a two-acre trail course for training purposes. In 2013 Lisa was named as a director of the newly formed International Mountain Trail Association as well as a judge for the new AQHA Trail Challenge. She was also voted by readers of a local newspaper as “2013 Best of the Best” riding instructor for the area.