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Bolender’s Guide To Mastering Mountain And Extreme Trail Riding

Mark Bolender’s new book, Bolender’s Guide to Mastering Mountain and Extreme Trail Riding is the first book written about this new discipline and teaches you the skills to excel at it. And who’s better to write the world’s first primer on the subject than the sport’s three time National Grand Champion!

Bolender’s Guide introduces Mark’s novel method for horse training and the basis of his success. It’s written to teach both new and experienced riders the art of training horses and how to use Mountain Trail and Extreme Trail obstacles as the best tool to do so. The great byproduct of learning Mark’s methods is becoming proficient at negotiating challenging obstacles and excelling in the sport. Mark even provides tips on how to score well in trail completion.

Bolender’s Guide teaches that unity between horse and rider is paramount. This unity is achieved most effectively when the rider (or trainer) listens to the horse. Almost every horseman says they listen to their horse but their result is often to dominate the animal, not partner with it. Mark teaches how a partnership can be achieved using Mountain Trail as the means. After learning his methods, the reader will become adept at knowing their horse better, and have the essential skills that Mark uses to win championships. In addition, the reader learns the tricks and secrets Mark uses every day to create the perfect mountain trail horse. Learn how to negotiate specific obstacles like rocks, logs, and water with ease – and on a horse that’s bold and confident. Learn how to set up an obstacle course
and the best methods to train on it. These are just some areas touched upon in over 200 pages of Mark’s book.

The book’s easy reading style and information-packed pages, including over 100 instructive color photographs has received wide acclaim from professional sportsmen and trainers. It also has won the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award and “Rising Star” award from respected publisher, iUniverse.

Like Mark says, “If you love horses and love to trail ride, you’ll love this book!”Learn more about the book

Road To Bridleless
Fundamentals With Mark Bolender – Volume 1

Three time National Mountain Trail Champion, Mark Bolender, guides you through preparing a horse for bridleless training. This DVD follows Mark’s winning approach to creating a confident, precise, and trusting trail horse. These foundation skills provide the tools needed to introduce your horse to complex techniques in a safe manner while using the horses own natural instincts in negotiating challenging obstacles.

This DVD contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Looking for a bridleless horse
Chapter 2: Transitions from reins to a string
Chapter 3: Refinement

Bolender’s New Mexico Extreme Trail Clinic 2 Disk DVD Set