Our Horses


Checkers is a 14 year old quarter horse gelding. He was bred by Mark and has lived at Bolender Horse Park his entire life.

Checkers has done nearly every activity a horse can do, including jumping, Police Horse training, mounted shooting, and working cows in addition to Mountain Trail.

Checkers is an excellent teacher to both riders and other horses. He enjoys guiding horses through Mountain Trail obstacles and showing them what they need to do. Horses at clinics and shows follow the example of an excellent partnership between Mark and Checkers.

Checkers and his Dam Lady at Christmas, 2014


Joselito is a Peruvian gelding bred by La Estancia Alegre in New Mexico and owned by Lee Bolender. The La Estancia Alegre breeding farm is home to many successful Peruvians. The farm states, “we breed first for strength, disposition, and gait. If we have the gait, we expect conformation to follow. With all of these things combined~ the beauty comes naturally.”

Mark Bolender has designed a trail course for La Estancia Alegre, and teaches clinics there frequently. La Estancia Alegre also holds Mountain Trail Challenges on their course.

Lee and Joselito

This is Joselito and his proud mom, Lee Bolender.

Joselito waits for the magic balance beam to take him away.

Do you have a treat for me?

Joselito loves the water obstacles.

Pretty for Christmas 2014.

Lee Bolender and her boys.

Pretty for Christmas 2014.

Lee Bolender and her boys.